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Helping Business through Better Security

Banks are always being forced to manage the bottom line while providing expedient online services and strengthening personalized customer relationships. Customer trust in the bank's ability to protect their personal financial information is a requirement.  For this reason, the implementation of integrated services that provide customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness also become a requirement.

Security Risks for Banks

As a potential security threat develops, the risk to financial institutions quickly develops as well. These attacks no longer originate from college students looking for notoriety and personal fame. Instead, these malicious hackers are more likely to be affiliated with organized crime; launching targeted attacks with the objective of personal profit. The window for successful response to targeted attacks has become critical and requires sophisticated "hand to hand combat" with these expert attackers.

Regulatory Pressures

The bar is raised even higher every year for examination requirements.  The amount of time spent preparing for audits and exams can exceed the time spent defining appropriate security strategies.

IDEFSYS - Your Trusted Partner

As a security provider, IDEFSYS helps protect banks. From professional services that assists in the development of the best security policies to outstanding 24x7 monitoring and reporting abilities, emergency incident response; even fully managed security programs.  IDEFSYS provides a full menu of security services.  And through our networks, we have excellent visibility into potential threats to banks. This ability, along with our own studies, allows us to develop and apply countermeasures that are specific to your organization in order to defend you well in advance of any probable attack.


IDEFSYS provides broad compliance reporting that makes it effortless for you to map regulations to controls and evidence of executing those controls. We use key metrics in our database to populate compliance reports with real information concerning when security reports were reviewed, when necessary changes were made, when login attempts failed, and how often you were attacked. Our reports can also be used by banks to support their audits.

Serving the entire market

With three adaptable service options and the ability to pick and choose from all three options, banks can adapt our services to enhance their own efforts in the most proficient way possible.

Many large banks can extend the abilities of their own security teams with our 24x7 monitoring, GIAC certified analysts, and industry/internet visibility that can identify pending threats. By allowing our analysts to reduce the "haystack" down to the security events that need attention, they gain greater effectiveness and balance for their own in-house teams. Additionally, they may also use our self-service option for visibility into additional platforms where observation may not be required but an all-inclusive view of the entire security environment is vital.

Community banks normally have one person trying to handle the network and security functions.  These institutions can now rely on IDEFSYS to fully manage their security to include IPS, firewall and host management. They may also use our monitoring service to gain visibility into server logs for increased protection and compliance.  They may also take advantage of encrypted email services to guarantee compliance with regulations regarding private information.

No matter the size of the bank, the reports from all three service options can drastically minimize the time needed to prep for examiners.

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