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Security ensures that Online Applications Deliver Efficiency Inadequate security can handicap the day-to-day operations of a utility. From customer record management to automated meter reading (AMR) and online bill pay, consistent availability and online protection are essential. As more begin to use online services, utilities have the added risk and accountability of protecting sensitive personal financial data from being captured by the wrong people.

The Security Landscape for Utilities

Online attacks are changing from public acts of rebellion to structured acts of theft by crime syndicates. This means computer hackers are working under the radar and are now targeting particular and specific organizations rather than initiating sophisticated attacks. Using automated reconnaissance, these hackers locate organizations that are more exposed than others. Then they focus on organizations guarding identity data, resources, or infrastructure to obtain or damage. The time frame for effective response to targeted attacks has become very small and requires sophisticated "hand to hand combat" with knowledgeable attackers.

Using IDEFSYS to Extend Your Security Team

IDEFSYS has a 24x7 staff of security professionals who are focused on researching the security landscape, analyzing client information, and quickly implementing countermeasures.  These measures include intrusion prevention signatures and updates to policies, rule sets, and configurations. We are conducting surveillance on your network 24 hours a day, seven days a week with certified security analysts while using the most sophisticated tools available to detect and prevent attacks anywhere in your environment. Also, our Security Operations Center is available to you around the clock to provide consultation to increase your understanding of your specific security condition.


IDEFSYS offers wide-ranging compliance reporting that makes it simple for you to map regulations to controls and ultimately execute those controls. We use key metrics in our database to sustain controls with authentic information about when security reports were reviewed, when changes were made, and how often you were attacked.

How IDEFSYS Can Help You Comply with CIP IDEFSYS Services and CIP Compliance

IDEFSYS Security Services can help you in many areas of CIP Compliance.
Comply with government and industry regulations issued by ERO, DHS, NERC, and FERC Proactively manage your risks of network outages by preventing malicious viruses, hackers and DDoS attacks. Avoid expensive network outages and disruption of services. Preserve sensitive customer information and realize greater return on investment and lower total cost of management from our comprehensive outsourced security solution.

Services for Utilities:

  • Security Management Services
  • Security Monitoring Services
  • Self-Service Security
  • Professional Services
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