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With security attackers using increasingly complicated methods to infiltrate corporate networks, organizations must rely on multiple layers of assorted security technologies and multiple sources of security intelligence to defend their critical information assets from threats. Managing these different systems and information is intricate and can rapidly expend valuable resources. Many Security Information Management projects fail because of the complexity of initial configuration and ongoing modification.

IDEFSYS' Self-Service Security leverages the advanced technology, processes, research and threat visibility used by the IDEFSYS Secure Operations Center to provide on-demand security solutions. Our Self-Service Security delivers:

  • Actionable, integrated reports
  • An improved security posture
  • Examination-oriented reporting
  • Dramatically reduced operational overhead
  • Access to a 24x7 team of security experts Self-Service Security
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Vulnerability Scanning
  • Threat Intelligence Delivering Business Value Streamlined Compliance Reporting

The IDEFSYS Portal is the industry's leading security management client interface and provides robust reporting which allows you to exhibit provable security. Through this secure, web-based interface you will be able to create a selection of reports to analyze your security activities, as well as any security issues and the actions that were taken to resolve them. Using these reports, you are able to show compliance with industry regulations and gauge the effectiveness of your security program.

Prioritized Workflow and Remediation

The IDEFSYS Portal features robust workflow management and asset classification capabilities, which lets you systematically reduce the risk to your organization. The Portal compares the severity of incidents, exposures and threat intelligence with the criticality of each asset affected.  The security issues of each incident will be prioritized according to the real risk they pose. Combined with the workflow management tools included within the Portal, this allows your organization to solve security issues in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Greater Efficiency through Integration

IDEFSYS' Self-Service Security offerings combine information from varied sources and processes under a single system, thus simplifying security management. Less complexity allows your security team more time working to improve your security posture.

Better Protection against Threats and Vulnerabilities

IDEFSYS' Self-Service Security offers on-demand visibility into the threats and weaknesses that pose a risk to your organization. IDEFSYS' professionals also provide detailed recommendations along with unlimited consultation, enabling you to deploy the most effective countermeasures and safeguard your critical assets.

More Flexibility with Self-Service Services

IDEFSYS' Self-Service Security services are provided on-demand, allowing you to enhance your security program with our technology and expertise whenever needed. IDEFSYS is always available to help meet your security needs.

IDEFSYS Difference

Industry's First SIEM Service

IDEFSYS delivers Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology as a service with rapid implementation results. Using our security Platform, IDEFSYS SIEM Service gives your organization all of the benefits of SIEM technology without the drawbacks of complex software products. 

24x7 Access to Security Experts

As with all of our Managed Security Services, clients who subscribe to our Self-Service Security offerings can depend on the IDEFSYS' team of security experts to assist in any security issue. All members of our Secure Operations Center staff are certified security experts with years of real-world experience. Anytime a security issue arises, you may contact IDEFSYS to receive timely consultation and educated recommendations at no additional cost to your organization.

No Hidden Costs

IDEFSYS' Self-Service Security offerings are priced on a fixed monthly rate which eliminates hidden costs. None of our services are "metered" and there are no licensing, maintenance or update fees. The price you pay is not impacted by how much you use our service. You can generate as many reports, run as many vulnerability scans and have as many Threat Intelligence seats as you need without experiencing any additional costs.

Supported by Leading Security Research

IDEFSYS services are supported by our Security Research Group, which leverages our visibility from our clients to identify and develop countermeasures against previously unknown threats and vulnerabilities. Their research is directly incorporated into our services, ensuring that your assets are protected against the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Fully Integrated and Interchangeable Suite of Services

The IDEFSYS suite of security offerings is fully integrated and interchangeable to provide you with the most effective Managed Security Services for your specific environment. This enables IDEFSYS to meet your security needs whether you require full management, co-management or prefer to maintain in-house management of your security environment.

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