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Protecting your business from cyber-threats involves constant awareness of your security infrastructure and critical information assets. In addition to guarding your organization from attacks, many industry regulations demand organizations to screen their security environment, server logs and other information assets to protect the integrity of these systems. But, performing effective security monitoring is an overwhelming task because it involves advanced technology, skilled security experts and scalable processes.

IDEFSYS' Security Monitoring Service provides your business or organization with real-time, 24x7 monitoring and response thoughout your security infrastructure and critical information assets. Our Security Monitoring Service delivers:

  • Enhanced security posture
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • A holistic view of your business’ security activity
  • A committed team of security experts

Service Overview

IDEFSYS' Security Monitoring Service provides real-time monitoring and analysis across any security technology or critical information asset such as firewalls, network intrusion prevention or detection systems and servers. Our Security Monitoring Service will develop the effectiveness of your security infrastructure by aggressively analyzing the logs and alerts from these devices in real-time, 24x7. Our highly developed technology platform compares information from across security devices to provide our Security Analysts with the perspective they need to eliminate false positives and respond to true threats against your group. Our Security Monitoring Service also helps you comply with industry regulations by automating the collection and reporting of specific events of interest, such as failed or successful logins and any other events necessary for compliance.

Delivering Business Value - Protection Against Internal and External Threats

IDEFSYS' Security Monitoring Service offers 24x7x365 attention to the security activity of your enterprise. Alerts and logs are thoroughly analyzed by our team of security experts to identify any signs of malicious activity. This ensures that both insider threats, such as illicit activity, and external threats, such as zero-day exploits, are identified and blocked before any damage is done.

Real-Time Log Monitoring Enables Compliance

Regulations and industry guidelines, such as GLBA, SOX, FFIEC and HIPAA, require log monitoring of critical servers to ensure the integrity of your confidential data. IDEFSYS' Security Monitoring Service automates this very time consuming process. Our advanced technology platform evaluates your server logs in real-time to recognize and alert you to compliance-specific events. Using the IDEFSYS Portal, you can produce and digitally sign consolidated reports containing all the activity from across your critical servers enabling you to easily show compliance.

Demonstrating Provable Security to Management and Auditors

The IDEFSYS Portal is our interface and provides you with real-time, reporting. The Portal gives your team on-demand access to management and technical reports that can be used to view the security activity in your specific security environment and gauge the effectiveness of your security program.

Fully Integrated and Interchangeable Suite of Services Customized to Fit Your Requirements

IDEFSYS' Security Services, Management, Monitoring and Self-Service, are fully integrated and interchangeable to offer you the most useful Managed Security Services specifically tailored to your organization’s needs. This allows IDEFSYS the ability to determine your security needs whether you require full management, co-management or prefer to maintain in-house management of your security environment.

The IDEFSYS Difference

Superior Context by Integrating with nearly any Security Device or Critical Information Asset

IDEFSYS' Security Monitoring Service combines events and logs from virtually any security device and critical information asset. Our Monitoring Service spans firewalls, network and host intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems, servers, routers and any other devices that should be monitored for security or compliance reasons. This enables IDEFSYS to obtain the greatest background and deliver the most effective security monitoring across your current and future technology environment.

Identification of Known and Unknown Threats in Real-Time

IDEFSYS is able to identify known and unknown threats in real-time. All alerts and logs are processed through a series of filters. The positive filter identifies known malicious activity, the negative filter identifies known harmless traffic and the anomaly filter identifies previous unknown activity. All known malicious and unknown activity is immediately transmitted back to one of our Secure Operations Centers for analysis and immediate response. These powerful filters enable our expert Security Analysts to guard your organization against known malicious activity, as well as zero-day threats.

Security Monitoring Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

IDEFSYS' Security Monitoring Service is customized to your unique environment and monitoring requirements. Our Sherlock Security Platform can be customized to identify specific events of interest to your enterprise whether they are for compliance or security reasons. Additionally, we can modify our escalation procedures to your current processes, whether they are specific to a group of assets, such as firewalls, or to individual devices. These procedures can be changed in real-time, when needed.

Industry-Leading Internal and External Threat Visibility

IDEFSYS leverages the visibility we gain from monitoring devices across more than 2,000 clients located throughout the world to deliver a proactive shield. Our global visibility allows our research team to identify prevailing threats as they arise and institute countermeasures to keep your critical information assets secured. One countermeasure is IDEFSYS' proprietary Attacker Database, which is constantly updated to blacklist known malicious IP addresses based on the activity we collect across our client base. Our Security Monitoring Service leverages this Database to recognize and respond to any connections from these IP addresses to your enterprise. This provides an additional positive layer of protection against known and unknown threats.

Unlimited Remediation Assistance and Security Consultation with Our Certified Team of Security Experts

As part of our Security Monitoring Service, your organization will be given unlimited remediation assistance and security consultation with our 100% certified team of security experts. All members of our team hold SANS' GIAC GCIA certification, as well as other security and vendor accreditations. In addition, our Security Analysts bring decades of security experience to help our clients address their most complex issues. When an event is identified, our team will take the necessary steps to alleviate the threat before any damage is done.  This includes making configuration changes on managed devices or simply working hand-in-hand with your team until the issue is resolved. Plus, your business or organization can leverage the team's unique by personally discussing any security issue you may be facing.

Real-Time Security and Service Delivery Reporting

The IDEFSYS Portal is our client interface and provides your group with real-time security. Using our secure, web-based Portal, your team can generate a variety of pre-built and custom reports including trending and comparative analyses, summary views and detailed lists. These can be viewed on-demand through the Portal or they can be scheduled and emailed to your team. The IDEFSYS Security Management Platform compares all security activity collected to your underlying assets and their associated criticality ratings. This gives you an accurate view of your risk level across your critical information assets, as well as a prioritized list of the actions you can take to reduce this risk level. The Portal provides you with a real-time view into events occurring in your environment and the actions our Security Analysts are taking against them. This allows transparent service delivery by offering you a method to see the value we are delivering every second of every day.

Fully Synchronous Security Operations Centers Staffed With Certified Security Experts 24x7x365

IDEFSYS monitors your environment from our three fully synchronous Security Operations Centers. These Centers are operational 24x7 and designed to flawlessly failover in case of emergency. Our SOCs are staffed with our 100% certified team of expert Security Analysts who use our advanced technology platform and the deep experience they possess to analyze your security events for unsafe activity. IDEFSYS' non-tiered staffing model ensures that only true security experts will be analyzing your security activity and addressing any issue you may be facing 24x7x365.

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