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Proactive Administration by Certified Security Experts

Appropriately managing your security infrastructure is vital to realizing the needs of your business environment and protecting your assets from developing IT security threats. Efficiently managing your security systems is a resource exhaustive effort that involves specialized ability. Because of these factors, security management can quickly burden your team, directing them away from more important corporate activities.

IDEFSYS' Security Management Services provide the security expertise essential to ensure that your security infrastructure operates at peak performance to defend your critical business assets, while removing the operational overhead necessary to administer your environment. IDEFSYS can fully manage, or co-manage, your environment. With our fully managed solution, we take full control of your security infrastructure, thus allowing you to focus on operating your business rather than becoming a security administrator. Our co-managed solution enables our experts to work as a team with your security staff by providing full access into the management process. Our Security Management Services deliver:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • A highly improved security posture
  • A 24x7 team of certified security experts
  • Improved return on your security investments

IDEFSYS Security Management Services:

  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Network Intrusion Prevention and Detection
  • Supervised Host Intrusion Prevention
  • Encrypted Email Delivering Business Value Improved Operational
  • Efficiency Enables Increased Focus on Strategic Initiatives

IDEFSYS' Security Management Services eliminates the responsibility of managing your complex security infrastructure, enabling your team to focus on your other strategic projects. Our Services provide you with a 24x7 team of certified security experts to manage and monitor your security environment.  They will ensure these critical devices function at peak performance to protect your organization from threats.

Better Protection Against Threats

IDEFSYS will pro-actively modernize your security infrastructure to guard against possible threats. IDEFSYS' security research team leverages our industry-leading threat visibility to recognize and develop countermeasures in order to prevent new threats from impacting your environment. Plus, our Intrusion Analyst team will monitor your security devices in real-time, removes false positives and responds to the actual threats targeting your organization, thus protecting your critical information assets from cyber-attacks.

Improved Return on Your Security Investments

IDEFSYS' capabilities will help you get the most from your security investments. Our team ensures your devices are appropriately configured and use the latest countermeasures to deliver highly effective protection. Keeping your systems operating at peak performance allows you to gain utmost value from your security infrastructure.

Comprehensive Reporting Demonstrates Compliance

Through our secure, web-based interface, you will be able to create a variety of reports to view your security management activities, as well as security events and the actions taken by our Security Analysts. By using these reports, you will be able to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and measure the effectiveness of your security program.

Managed Security Services Deliver Tangible Cost Savings

IDEFSYS' Managed Security Services can deliver substantial cost savings to your organization. IDEFSYS leverages our investments in security proficiency, advanced technology and scalable processes to supply you with the most effective security possible.  And doing so at a fraction of the cost it would take to create comparable capabilities in-house. We can also save you money on hardware and software through our bundled Managed Network Intrusion Prevention and Detection offerings. IDEFSYS services help your organization make the most of the value of your security budget.

Fully Integrated and Interchangeable Suite of Services Customized to Your Requirements

The IDEFSYS suite of managed, monitored and self-service security offerings is fully integrated and interchangeable to provide you with the most useful Managed Security Services for your distinctive situation. This enables IDEFSYS to meet all your security requirements whether you need full management, co-management or would rather maintain in-house management of your security environment.

IDEFSYS Difference

Flexible Services Offerings: Fully Managed to Co-Managed

IDEFSYS' flexible service offerings allow you to select the level of control you need to securely control your environment. IDEFSYS can administer your environment, taking full control and make all changes to your security infrastructure. Our fully managed offering eliminates the personal responsibility of maintaining your security environment, allowing you to focus on other important strategic initiatives. Our professionals can also co-manage your devices allowing you to maintain administrative privileges and make as many changes as you would like. IDEFSYS' co-managed offering provides complete transparency into the device management process through the IDEFSYS Portal and unlimited consultation. With co-management, our team will work in a true partnership with your organization and assure the effectiveness of your security infrastructure.

No Hidden Costs

IDEFSYS' Security Management Service provides you with everything needed so that your security infrastructure continues operating at peak performance with no extra charges or hidden costs. Unlike other providers who meter SOC inquiry time or the number of rule-set changes, we provide unlimited consultation with our Security Analysts and never limit the number of changes, updates or any other activities necessary to accomplish effective security management.

Real-Time Incident Response and Prevention

IDEFSYS security experts guard your critical information assets so that they remain protected against cyber threats. Our Security Analysts will monitor your environment in real-time to recognize and respond to any potential incidents that may target your organization. Our security research group leverages our threat visibility to identify possible threats and generate countermeasures to prevent these attacks before any damage is done.

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